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Torinogirl's stories

A Heart Of Gold

A Stupid Game

Angels Without Wings

Creeps (co-written by wuemsel)


Highway To Hell

Nature Boy's Day Off

No More Tears To Cry

Portrait Of A Friend

Leave Yesterday Behind

Coming To Terms

The Beginning Of The End  (Death Story!)




Starsky's Brother (co-written by Jenna)

There's Always Light After The Darkness

The Hunt

Fallen Angels

Love Will Keep Us Alive

Photographs and Memories

The Right Things

With A Song In Your Heart

Falling Shattered

Will You Take What`s Left Of Us

Rosey's Prayer


Another Sweet Revenge

Tropical Healing

We Need To Dance With Life

Who Do We Trust

Wind Beneath My Wings

Songs Of The Rain


Trust Me

Reclaiming Life

Tempus Fugit



Sandy's stories

 The Plague Continued...A Heart For Healing

 Witches And Weirdoes And Bears, Oh My



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